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Tucson apartment rentals and rental homes! Are you looking for apartment rental Tucson AZ or house rental properties in Arizona?

We have listings of condos, houses, townhouses, short term rental properties, and other real estate rentals for you to live in.

Our real estate property experts will help get you into a residential home rental that is within your budget in your community.

The Tucson Arizona rental market is among one of the 10 fastest growing locations in the nation.  Tucson offers such a promising range of options in the housing industry that it is quite literally a renter's market for anyone to find a new 3 bedroom, 2 bath residential single family home that rivals and exceeds the value that you can find with renting out apartments.  There are also extensive lists of townhouses and condominiums in locations that are close to large industries and companies in the area such as Raytheon and IBM of Tucson so job-hunters are often ecstatic to find employment in these fantastic areas.  These properties are truly another well-kept secret in Tucson's growing ho

Tucson Apartment Rental
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Tucson apartment rentals are not your only choice!  While an apartment rental in  Tucson AZ may seem more affordable, Tucson rental homes are now becoming an incredible value in both house rental affordability and increased standard of living.  The advantage is you get to live in either a condo, new home, or short term rental property at a price that is comparable to living in much smaller apartments for rent.  Caldwell Property Solutions now offers rental real estate properties at prices that will have you saying our catch phrase all over again  'A House is Better'!