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Affordable Apartment Rentals and Condo Homes in Phoenix

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Phoenix AZ apartment rentals are widely available. If you’re looking for apartment rentals Phoenix locations, why not let us help you with a house rental? We have listings for rental homes in Phoenix and surrounding communities. Our rental properties listings include houses, condos and townhomes.  Find affordable homes to match your monthly budget with our listings search finder.

Caldwell Property Solutions is the largest property management company in Arizona with the most comprehensive selection of single family rental homes available.  We manage over 2500 real estate units that include but are not limited to condominiums, townhouses, apartments, and single family houses.  What does this mean for you in your Phoenix AZ apartment rental search?  It means, that with our superior selection of housing, you will find homes, duplexes or condos with more bedrooms, more bathrooms and more square footage for a more affordable monthly rent payment than what you would pay elsewhere!

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Phoenix AZ apartment rentals are only a small fraction of our offerings!  An apartment rental in Phoenix or home rental in Phoenix can be a more affordable option to finding your dream rental property in your preferred community. In fact, you can find a beautiful rental house anywhere in Arizona including condos, townhomes, or any other rental home in Phoenix for less per month then any other listings found using typical rent search methods.  Why not upgrade your Phoenix AZ apartment rental today into that affordable rental home that you thought was too expensive for your budget.